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Avenue of Our Creators connecting

Updated: Jan 16

Many folks have a sense of something else in life because they are sensitive to their inner need for something eternal naturally., Everyone has a picture of a paradise/heaven.

If we are sincere about connecting with The Master Creator Lord God; Then He will respond to your sincerity and He will reveal Himself to you as His family. We can ask for help, forgiveness, inspiration, encouragement and ideas plus a close/solid relationship. Contact Him at any time 24-7

Petition to His Majesty Our Lord: "Father" I do not want to gamble about You or Heaven., I need you and a home in heaven after this life. Forgive me of anything that has separated me from you and please help me with my daily life efforts. I want a rock solid relationship with you and some real energy to make things work better . Thank you My King and Rescue.

In the mornings say "Good morning Your Majesty" with a smile. "Blessings"


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