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Getting Past the Barrage

Updated: Jan 16

Many folks do not bother to communicate with The Father of creation and eternal life., They tend to -

entertain anything that deviates them away from a re-uniting with our Creator. Don't you find that rather strange that there is so much distracting you away from your true calling and purpose; finding out what you're living for and what you are doing here is a huge relief when His Majesty King of all life guides you to your unique designs, skills and talents.

First of all; you can ask the Lord for forgiveness of anything provided you are sincere about it - and then you can ask for His assistance working on any project or schooling you may be involved with. It is interesting to note that, many inventors have placed their revelations on God's guidance. Einstein said; "I defend the Good God against the idea of a continual game of dice! " I concur that as a member of the invention league over 50,000 scientist in one region alone pointed up when asked; Where do they get their ideas from?

When you ask The Lord to clear your slate for you and He sees your seriousness, you will experience a huge relief and a new start that will dazzle with a fresh beginning. Our King of the entire cosmos has all the time in eternity to partner with you in your travels, experiences and adventures.

When you arise in the morning say; " Good morning Your Majesty" with a comfortable smile."


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